Brett Myers Is Showing Everyone, We’ll See!

21 Aug

Everybody’s favorite starting pitcher threw a complete game shutout against the Washington Nationals on Wednesday, going the distance while giving up 9 hits, one walk, and fanning 9 batters. After a shaky first inning where a Pat Burrell strike from left field to home plate prevented a runner from crossing, Myers took it to the Nationals with authority. He’s now shaved an entire run off his ERA since returning to the majors, with it dropping to 4.71 (the lowest point since May 3rd). Myers has been flashing control and efficiently using his pitches. Sure, he did it against a Nationals club which was last in the league in scoring runs, but a win is a win.

Myers’ resurgence comes at a critical time for the Phillies. As they enter the home stretch of the 162 game campaign, the kitchen sink method of winning ballgames is going to start to be applied. This seems have started already, judging by Myers finishing a game where he had already reached 100 pitches by the end of the 8th inning and two defensive replacements being brought in at the end of the game. These decisions may start to become more frequent as manager Charlie Manuel notices the calendar turn over to September.

The Phillies continue to sit 1.5 games behind the NL East-leading New York Metropolitans, while the Florida Marlins seem to have cooled off as they now sit 4.5 games out of first place. The race for first is once again becoming a two team sprint. While six games remain against the Mets, games against teams like the Nationals matter. It’s good to see the Phillies come around after a horrible West Coast swing.

Almost forgot…Myers didn’t curse out his manager tonight either! Double win!


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