Pedro Feliz 4, LA Dodgers 2

25 Aug

Last night’s Phillies/Dodgers game saw third baseman Pedro Feliz come into the game in the 7th inning via a double switch with Ryan Madson.  Madson then gave up a single to allow the Dodgers to go up 2-1.  The score stayed that way until Mr Feliz came to bat in the 9th against fireballer Jonathan Broxton, who had been wild but still intimidating.  With first and second occupied, and the count 2-0, Feliz slapped a single into short right field over second baseman Pablo Ozuna and scored Shane Victorino.  Unfortunately the Phils couldn’t score anymore that inning and the game went extra innings.

We saw two more innings of extra baseball!!! before Mr. Feliz came to plate with two men on in the 11th inning.  Then he decided enough was enough as he smacked a 3-run game-winning homer to center field and clinched a series sweep of the Dodgers.  This accomplished two things: it avenged the sickly disgusting four game sweep of the Phightin’s in LA, and it pulled the Phillies to within a virtual tie with the NY Mets for first place in the NL East.

Hats off to Pedro Feliz for last night’s performance.  He’s been meh all season long and looked horrific at the plate since coming back from the disabled list, so I wasn’t exactly holding my breath for a Feliz-fueled comeback.  It’s a welcome surprise and wins like these are important.  Hell, any win is important.


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