The Season’s On The Line On Friday

4 Sep

The Phillies head into New York 3 games behind the New York Metropolitans with only a 3 game series left against them. First up it’s Mike Pelfrey verse the newly resurgent Brett Myers. Then it will be old man Jamie Moyer facing Pedro Martinez and his dangling arm. And lastly, it’s what everyone’s been waiting for: lefty Cole Hamels against lefty Johan Santana. Hamels was bumped up to pitch in this game, but if the Mets take the first two games all the consternation may be for naught. Your Phillies stand at a major test in the 2008 campaign, one which they may pass with flying colors or fail in new and exciting ways. Sweep and the season begins anew, tied for first place with the Mets with only 19 games yet to play. Be swept and enjoy playing out the string and gearing up for free agency. Win one or win two and be tantalizingly close to first.

But what about 2007, you may ask? Fluke. A comeback of that magnitude, 7 games with 17 to play, happens once every 40 years. It’s simply not probably to expect it to happen again, and not with the same teams.

Predictions? I have none. I come only to watch. The facts say the Mets are coming in on a 4 game winning streak, have been pitching and hitting well, while the Phillie just dumped 2 of 3 to the Nationals. However, the season stats are very similar for both teams, with both of them within spitting distance of each other in the top 5 of the National League in regards to offense and pitching. This is anyone’s game.  I believe. Do you?

FRI: Myers(8-10, 4.40) vs Pelfrey (13-8, 3.66 ERA)
SAT (FOX): Moyer(12-7 3.80) vs Martinez(5-3 5.07)
SUN (ESPN): Hamels(12-8 3.01) vs Santana(12-7 2.71)


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