First Place Phillies Update

22 Sep


PHILLIES   88-68  (6)  .564  —
Mets        86-69         .555  1.5

With only two series in the season left, the Phillies come into the home stretch up 1.5 games in the NL East and 3 games ahead of the Milwaukee Brewers (who are 1.5 games behind the Mets for the Wild Card).  They are making the playoffs people.  Period, end of story.  They face the downward spiraling Atlanta Braves and the lowly Washington Nationals, both of whom hopefully prove little challenge to the Phils as they stampede towards the postseason.

So how have the Phils done it?  Well, judging by an admittedly crude analysis of their post all-star team totals, it’s been through a balanced attack.  They’re 4th in the NL in pitching with a 4.00 ERA, and 5th in runs scored.  Ryan Howard has sort of taken the offense on his back in September, slugging an incredible .892.  Basically, the man is getting shit done up at the plate.  Jimmy Rollins has seen more singles fall in for hits as well, which is likely variance simply coming into play.  It’s been a bump road throughout the season, but the pinstriped posse look to be setting up for the playoffs.  Now is the time to get in a little celebration before we all expect them to win something in October.


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