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Mets Give Phillies Fans Early Gift, Omar Minaya To Get 4 Year Extension!

23 Sep

Phillies fans rejoice:

Omar Minaya will receive a four-year extension to continue as general manager of the New York Mets, sources said on Tuesday. The deal is all but done, but it is not known when the extension will be formally announced.

OMG OMG!  Is it Christmas already?!  Please sign some more Billy Wagners and Moises Alous who will break down halfway through their contract.  Please assemble a bullpen like the 2008 version.  Thanks.


1.5 Game Lead With 4 Games To Go

23 Sep

Can you feel it? Not much more can be stated about the Phils situation, as they sit only 4 games away from playoff baseball. Although the Phils lost last night, and the Mets won, nothing has changed. It’s simply a countdown to October (barring some ridiculous collapse). Pat Gillick’s master plan is coming to fruition, sort of. Considering all of the vital cogs of this team minus Brad Lidge were simply holdovers from a previous general manager, it may be best to hold off the parade for Mr. Gillick.