Game 1 Recap and Game 2 Preview

2 Oct

Game 1 Recap
King Cole Hamels pitched 8 scoreless innings in front of 45,929 phans as the Phillies downed the Milwaukee Brewers  3-1 to take the first game of the Divisional Series.  He allowed only 2 hits and 1 walk while striking out 9 batters in only 101 pitches.  Only 9 pitches were even hit out of the infield, and none of them fell in for extra bases. Pretty, pretty, pretty good.

The Phils bats didn’t exactly excited, but they did the job.  Chase Utley’s two-run double in the 3rd inning proved enough breathing room for Mr. Hamels and his changeup.  Shane Victorino walking to first scored the third and final run for the good guys.

The 9th inning wasn’t as easy as the first eight though.  Charlie Manuel pulled Hamels and sent in Brad Lidge to close it out, only for Lidge to perform a highwire act (with added help from a Chase Utley error).   A single, a double, an error, a walk, and a wild pitch later and the Brewers had Corey Hart at the plate with 2 outs and a man on third.  Luckily, Lidge remained wildly effective as he struck Hart out swinging.  In fact, Lidge struck out the side swinging, with a few baserunners sprinkled in the middle of those.

So…was it a good idea to pull Hamels to bring in Lidge with the 3-0 lead in the ninth?  No.  Hamels had 101 pitches and was likely able to pitch another inning.  If one feared him losing his control or becoming tired, having Lidge up and waiting to pitch was better than just sending him in right away.  Now the Phils’ best reliever threw a 35 pitch inning and could be used again in tomorrow’s game depending on the circumstances.

Game 2 Preview
Brett Myers, RHP
10-13 4.55 ERA  1.38 WHIP
190 IP  163 K  65 BB


CC Sabathia, LHP
17-10  2.70 ERA  1.11 WHIP
253 IP  251 K  59 BB

This matchup is tilting Milwaukee unless the Brett Myers of August and early September shows up.  Sabathia will be pitching on only three days of rest, but the Brew crew had him doing it down the stretch and he’s yet to falter.  The big man’s been gangbusters for Milwaukee since the mid-season trade, and there’s no reason to believe he’ll simply stop that.  Then again, anything can happen in a game which relies on so many different players and when pitchers still have to rely on defense.  If the Phillies keep this game close, the hitters must be patient at the plate and try to wear down Sabathia and get into the bullpen.  That’s their best chance.  However, a nice and easy blowout would be much more fun!


2 Responses to “Game 1 Recap and Game 2 Preview”

  1. Mark B. October 2, 2008 at 7:50 am #

    Great game by Hamels. And, if Myers is on, and if the offense shows more life than on Wednesday — we’re in Milwaukee on Saturday with Moyer and his slow, slower and slowest. And then… Well, I don’t want to say what I’m thinking for fear of queering it.

  2. Gort October 2, 2008 at 11:13 pm #

    Johan is no man. Phils take game 2. Skip the next round and bring on the Red Sox.

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