Game 3 Review: Singled To Death

5 Oct

The Milwaukee Brewers delayed the inevitable last night as they took game three 4-1 to force nine innings today.  Dave Bush sort of dazzled for 5.1 innings, allowing five hits and one walk while striking out three of the good guys.  OK, so maybe it was more the Phillies not hitting then the Brewers shutting down the bats, because the Phils had nine hits and yet scored only one run.  In the ninth inning they actually loaded the bases with no outs, but Pedro Feliz tapped a ball to second base for a double play.  At least a run scored….wait what?  No, it didn’t, as the runner was called back to third base due to runner interference at second base by Shane Victorino.  It seems Victorino didn’t slide or try to get out of the way of the throw, and thus the Phillies’ second run was taken off the board.  Probably a good call, but 4-2 certainly looks better than 4-1, even if nothing really changed (a single simply scores two runs instead of one).  The game then ended with catcher Carlos Ruiz full-swing bunting a ball to the pitcher’s mound.

The Brewers didn’t flash any power at the plate, as they hit eleven singles and scored four runs (with two of them coming off of sacrifice flies).  It accomplished what was needed though, forcing a game 4.  JJ Hardy went 3-4 with an RBI, Mike Cameron was 1-2 with two walks, and Bill Hall was 2-4 with a walk.  What was key for them was waiting on Jamie Moyer’s ‘fastballs’ and forcing the Phillies to go to the bullpen earlier than they anticipated, as Moyer threw 90 pitches in only four innings.  Moyer’s been terrific in the second half but he just didn’t hit his spots tonight, and he also suffered a bit of bad luck with all the singles falling in.

You can’t win ’em all, though you’d like to do so.


One Response to “Game 3 Review: Singled To Death”

  1. Mark B. October 6, 2008 at 4:42 am #

    Hey Chris; You’re a little behind. The Phils won their NLDS with the Brewers.

    Way to go Pat “the Bat” and Joe Blanton!

    With 1st baseman Ryan Howard having gone 2 for 11 in the series while walking 5 times and striking out 5 times, and with 2nd baseman Chase Utley faring even worse at 2 for 15, Burrell was almost single-handedly THE run producer.

    Against the Dodgers, the trio will have to come to life and the pitching will have to keep Manny Ramirez out of the offense. Also advisable to hit plenty in Manny’s direction; one could say that he’s been known to be defensively nonchalant.

    Off recent performances, this starting rotation is looking mighty awesome.

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