NLCS Game 3 Preview

12 Oct

Hiroki Kuroda, RHP
9-10  3.73 ERA  1.22 WHIP
183.1 IP, 116 K and 42 BB

Playoffs : 1-0 6.1 IP, 0 runs, 2 walks and 4 Ks


Jamie Moyer, LHP
16-7  3.71 ERA  1.33 WHIP
196.1 IP, 123 K and 62 BB

Playoffs: 0-1 4 IP, 2 runs, 3 walks and 3 Ks

Advantage is to Kuroda, as his WHIP at home was much lower than on the road (1.34 to 1.08).  A combination of the large park and the confidence will give the edge to him, but Moyer’s style will fit well in Dodger Stadium as well.  What matters the most is which offense shows up to play.  The Phillies need to be patient at the plate and force Kuroda to throw more pitches than he’s used to doing.  Both teams’ bullpens have been terrific in the playoffs thus far, so it’s important for the Phillies to get on Kuroda.   On Jamie Moyer’s end, he seemed to be a bit unlucky in his first start with the amount of singles hit off him, but he also walked three batters in only four innings pitched.  Control is key.

Prediction?  Dodgers 4   Phillies 3    The good guys then come back tomorrow and win game four of the series and force the Dodgers’ hand.


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