Actual CNN Segment: WILL.I.AM via Hologram

4 Nov

Holy crap.  CNN is really showing people via hologram.  One of them being performer WILL.I.AM.  My god, the humanity of it all. You maniacs.  You finally did it!  You went insane!


One Response to “Actual CNN Segment: WILL.I.AM via Hologram”

  1. Xenia November 5, 2008 at 2:20 am #

    Holla crap when I saw this I was like WHOA! Man CNN had some nice technology going on there during the election. They even had that virtural whitehouse and that electorial map that only we as viewers could see. I was like this is so nice.

    That is why I watch CNN. Those other stations did not even touch and I mean TOUCH a little bit the kind of technology that CNN had.

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