And Threes Came Down From The Sky

4 Nov

Two rather minor off-season moves designed to fill the bench showed some positive results tonight as Donyell Marshall and Kareem Rush drained three balls for the Philadelphia 76ers in their 125-91 win over the Sacremento Kings.  In all, the Sixers went 10-13 from the three-point line, as Marshall was 4-5 and Rush 2-2 off the pine.  Thaddeus Young led the team with 18 points and the Sixers dominated the entire game.  Much like their game against the Atlanta Hawks, they opened an early large lead, but actually held onto it this time.  Heck, they extended it throughout the game, as their bench provided some 65 points.

The Sixers now sit 2-2 and look to have a good offense with plenty of options off the bench.  Lou Williams and Willie Green provide some decent scoring options for the backcourt, and there’s also much-needed firepower from beyond the three-point arc, which has been missing the past few seasons.  Outside of Kyle Korver, no one else on the team was capable of shooting above a 30% clip from beyond.  Now there are a few bit players able to do just that.

However, one musn’t overreact to a blowout of the Kings.  The Kings kinda suck. Well, they just plain suck. Andre Iguodala has done little on the offensive side of things.  Here’s hoping he gets things going, because this team is going to need his offensive presence if they hope to be more than just an also-ran that shoots for the 6th through 8th spots in the playoffs.


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