Will Barack Take Up The PBA’s Offer?

10 Nov

You may or may not know that there are some bowling lanes in the White House, put in there by Richard Nixon.  Apparently Nixon was quite the avid kegler.  Now, it seems Barack Obama may have the chance to follow in ol’ Tricky Dick’s footsteps, courtesy of some lessons from the Professional Bowler’s Association:

“Once the family is settled in, the PBA Tour will be pleased and anxious to send some of our top male and female professional bowlers in to give lessons to the president elect and first lady on the White House bowling lanes,” said Tom Clark, BPA vice president. “When the Obamas learn the basics of the game, they’ll enjoy it more and they’ll have hours of fun on the lanes for many years.”

“I have one bowling tip for Obama: take a lesson from me,” said Billy Oatman, the first African American on the exempt PBA Tour. “Call Billy Oatman and he’ll get a lesson.”

PBA veteran Norm Duke said he’d be honored to teach Obama the finer points of bowling. Duke became the only man in PBA history to win three straight majors, a feat he accomplished at the 2008-09 World Championships in Wichita, Kan., two weeks ago.

“I saw the clip on YouTube and I have some tips for Obama,” Duke said. “Obama’s been in a suit and tie too long. He needs to get some athletic apparel and a bowling ball that fits his hand. He needs to work on hitting the head pin because he didn’t do that very well (on the YouTube clip).”

Back in March Obama showed how little his basketball skills translated to the lanes, as he rolled a 37 in 6.5 frames.  However, he did it in a suit and nice shoes.  Get Norm Duke on the case, and he may be challenging Nixon’s house records.


One Response to “Will Barack Take Up The PBA’s Offer?”

  1. patrick November 11, 2008 at 12:24 am #

    I heard recently that, despite all the perks that come with living in the white house, the first family still has to pay for any food that their private guests consume

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