Uncle Charlie Wants Manny Ramirez To Wear The Pinstripes

11 Nov

The red pinstripes, that is:

“I think Manny is in the best shape that I’ve ever seen him in,” Manuel said. “His lower body is very strong. His legs are strong. You can tell by the way he hits and the way he moves around in the outfield. He’s got a lot of baseball left in him.”

OK, so he didn’t exactly SAY the words ‘I want Manny, I want Manny!’ but he was slick with the words there, wasn’t he?  Manny and Manuel have known each other since their Cleveland Indian days and like each other.  Would Manny be a good fit?  If the Phillies don’t re-sign Pat Burrell, they’d be left with putting guys like Geoff Jenkins in the outfield rotation for 100 games, unless they go out on the free agent market.  Manny is likely looking for a 4 year deal, is 36 years old, and is in the decline phase of his career.   Still, it’s been a hall of fame career, and he showed he still has the ability to dominate at the plate during the second half of last season.

One knows what they’re getting with Manny: a guy that can hit the cover off the ball, a headcase, and not much else.  Would it be worth it?  Maybe.  Would the Phillies be looking to sign him to more than a 3 year deal?  Not bloody likely.  The precedent was set when they didn’t re-sign Billy Wagner to said deal.  They do factor age into the equation, except where the ageless Jamie Moyer is concerned.  And the Dodgers have already showed massive interest in keeping Mr. Ramirez and his bat.  The Yankees may jump into the fray as well.  This could become a bidding war…and are the Phillies up to that?  Should they be?  These are questions to be asked and answered by the Phillies front office.  It’s Ruben Amaro’s first big test.


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