Brock Lesnar/Randy Couture VIDEO

17 Nov

Brock Lesnar is the new ‘heavyweight champion’ (but not really).  There’s a unification bout set for the future, after Frank Mir challenges Antonio Rodrigo Noguiera for the interim heavyweight championship.  Anywhere, he’s the video from Saturday’s fight:

Lesnar and Couture both looked good, but Lesnar hams for fists took out the old man.  Couture will be in line for another title shot down the line, but for now Lesnar is on top of the world after only his fourth fight (much like Couture, who won his first title at his fourth bout). Congrats Brock.  I wonder what would be better, a Noguiera/Lesnar matchup, which would be something Lesnar hasn’t seen, or a Mir/Lesnar rematch?  Hmm, I’d probably rather see the former, we’ve already seen the latter.  It was sort of a fluke win, but Mir’s submission of Lesnar was enough for me. Noguiera’s jiu-jitsu could prove to be a Lesnar-killer, much like when he faced Mir.


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