Ryan Howard Is Not Your 2008 NL MVP

17 Nov

Albert Pujols should be, not Mr. Howard.  Howard’s won a World Series ring this year, just like Pujols did in 2006.  However, every valid statistical measurement shows Pujols was the man to beat in 2008:

Ryan Howard, 1B
162 G, 153 hits, 26 doubles, 4 triples (WHAT!), 48 homers
105 runs, 146 RBI, 81 BB and 199K
251 avg, 339 OBP, 543 SLG = 881 OPS
.291 EQA, 35.3 VORP

Albert Pujols, 1B
148 G, 187 hits, 44 doubles, 37 homers
100 runs, 116 RBI, 104 BB and 54 K, 7-10 SB
357 avg, 462 OBP, 653 SLG = 1114 OPS
.372 EQA, 96.8 VORP

Pujols is first in OPS,  EQA and VORP

Basically, Pujols was measurably better in every way this year. There’s not contest.  Howard has homers and RBI, the latter of which is relatively pointless in deciding an MVP. Howard has more power but Pujols put his power to better use by actually getting more hits.  He also got on base at a much better clip, a MUCH better clip.  It’s no contest, really. Basically, Howard had a bad year by his standards, and was actually pretty frustrated at the plate prior to the all-star break, while Pujols had another outstanding season from game one.  It was top of the line.

It’d simply be baseball writers enticed by Howard’s team making the playoffs if he was awarded the MVP.  However, in 2006 they proved they weren’t exactly swayed by that by picking Howard.  After all, his team DIDN’T make the playoffs back then, while Pujols’ did.

So, Phillies fans, just bask in the World Series afterglow.  Don’t expect to storm the streets celebrating a second Howard MVP award. Tip your cap to Pujols should he be selected.  He was the better man.


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