The Greatest Sitcom Intro In The World

24 Nov

Today’s television theme songs and introductions just plain suck. Either shows try to stuff a ten second song at the beginning, or they don’t even bother and simply run the actors’ names at the bottom of the screen during the first or second scene. Very few of today’s shows have intros which add to the viewer’s experience; USA Network’s Psych does just that by quick-cutting action shots with a fun and jumpy song. While it doesn’t stand alone, it’s a rare bid. However, there was a time when theme songs had a heyday: with three-camera sitcoms with their crappy laugh tracks and horrible writing used to eat up time and create excellent ones.

For example, the Alf intro had it all. Jazzy, instantly recognizable theme music? Check. Close ins on all the smiling actors? Check. Clips of crazy antics which’ve occurred? Check. At least 45 seconds long? Check. And finally, a closing fade out with the entire cast having a laugh? Check. Alf’s intro was quintessential 80’s sitcom. It sucked in the viewer and got them ready for the hijinx which would undoubtedly ensue with crazy ol’ Alf and the Tanners. Enjoy.


One Response to “The Greatest Sitcom Intro In The World”

  1. Sean November 24, 2008 at 7:26 pm #

    I was just watching Alf the other night on WGN. It’s a bit dated, but still mildly funny.

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