The Sixers Are Grabbing Rebounds And Winning Games

24 Nov

Elton Brand led the Sixers to an 89-81 win Sunday over the Golden State Warriors, and the Philadelphia 76ers now sit at a 7-6 record after wining five of their last six games.  For his part, Brand scored 23 points (and reached 20 midway through the third quarter) and pulled down 12 rebounds, and his counterpart Sammy Dalembert grabbed 16.  The entire team completely dominated the Warriors on the boards 54 to 38.

Controlling the glass is becoming a developing theme for the 2008-09 season. They lead the NBA in rebounds at nearly 48 a game, and their 14.5 offensive rebounds are extending possessions and giving them extra shots, which have been sorely needed.  Guys like Brand and Dalembert have been supported by Andre Iguodala and Thaddeus Young in the guard and small forward spots, while Reggie Evans and Marreeese Speights have been AMAZING off the bench, compiling 8 boards a game in only 22 minutes combined. All of this has been crucial to limiting the possessions of their opponents and keeping their scoring down.

It seems that the Sixers are going to be able to pile up some wins against lesser opponents while they learn to work together on offense.  Brand looked in tune last night receiving passes from Iguodala and Miller.  Young flashed some new moves on offense.  However, the team still shot 39.8% from the floor, and the offense sputtered in the second half.  Basketball can be streaky, but the Sixers allowed the Warriors to get back into the game and even tie up the score late in the fourth.  Here’s hoping this long season will prove fruitful and the Sixers greatly improve throughout, just as it occurred last season.


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