Quick Hit: Lenny Dykstra Settles With Tax Firm

27 Nov

Seems Lenny was in a bit of trouble with one of his many business dealings:

Former Phillies centerfielder Lenny Dykstra has hammered out a deal with an accounting firm that claimed he owed it more than $100,000.

Dykstra and DDK & Co. sealed the deal in Manhattan federal court on Monday. Terms were not revealed, but Dykstra told the New York Post that DDK “folded like Mitch Williams in the ninth.”

Dykstra had said in February he was looking forward to fighting the lawsuit because he wanted people to stop trying to rip off ballplayers. He also said at the time it was “insane” if DDK thought he would pay $111,000 for a tax return.

The company said in the lawsuit that the tab had grown to about $139,000.

Yeah…so that basically means he paid out of the ass to keep the amount he gave private. His public boasting of how they folded shows that he lost ,not them. Winner don’t have to pat themselves on the back so much. The article also discussed his plans to roll out a line of private planes and discussed the failure of his ‘Players Club’ magazine, which was hemorrhaging $500,000 a month. How can a start up rag mag lose that much a month? And how could he proclaim that it was about ‘giving back’ and he wasn’t in it for the money. So he wasn’t in it for the money…but he targeted highly rich and successful athletes? Something’s not adding up in that business model. Oh Lenny, the lies keep mounting.

And hey, what’s with the cheap shot at Mitch Williams? Guy gave all he had.


One Response to “Quick Hit: Lenny Dykstra Settles With Tax Firm”

  1. Kevin Sefcik November 28, 2008 at 7:57 pm #

    I didn’t realize you were a human lie detector. Your hatred for Nails but love for Baby Abreu is irrational and detracts from everything you write. I would like to cancel my subscription to your publication.

    Kevin Sefcik

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