Baby Eagles Fans And Other Internet Pages

12 Jan

Sorry, I just can’t help myself from laughing at pictures of old ladies with cats and baby Eagles fans all dressed up.

To the newspapers! Tom Friedman breaks down why the economic stimulus should include far more than highways and bridges…A Nashville councilman brings a pointless ballot measure up about the English language and government…William C Rhoden blames the NY Giants’ offensive struggles on the loss of wideout Plaxico Burress, and I can’t disagree…There are editorials in the Inky on Fairmount Park, Obama not staying at Blair House due to former Aussie PM John Howard, and a nuclear plant fine! I mostly just read these so I can read the comments section at the bottom; they’re special. Page Six finds out Marc and J Lo are worming their way into Obamaville! Malcolm Smith of Queens Borough now heads the New York State Senate. Good luck, you’ll need it, says The NY Daily News…Embattled Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon’s attorney is loud as hell and he’s not going to take it anymore!

And now, for the new links: Design with Intent, io9, Cinematical, The “Blog” of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks.

So The Eagles played, and they won 23-11. McNabb made a phone call, Dawkins went crazy, and they march on to Glendale, AZ. Oh, and John Bolaris got a lot of TV time right in the middle of the game!

Deadspin steers us towards an article about girls wrestling! OH NOEZ! WHAT WILL ALL THOSE BOYS WITH HOMO EROTIC TENDENCIES DO NOW?! Empty The Bench is all about Paul Millsap over Carlos Boozer…Erin Andrews has a sister. Let the stalking commence…

We report that The Big Lead reports that Jay Glazer reports that Tony Dungy is done in Indianapolis. Everyone saw that coming.

TV Squad finds something Comedy Central is filming which I won’t watch. Hint, there’s a cable guy involved.

You think you know the top 10 most reliable car brands? Think again, sez The Consumerist.

Beerleaguer answers the question about what we should expect from Sir Jimmy Rollins in 2009…The Fightins’ do not like autograph sessions…Phillies Flow puts up more good stuff about walks.

Finally, get yourself over to for some serious political analysis with a statistical bent. My man is putting out good stuff on a daily basis. Now that he’s no longer on the election trail, he’s breaking down everything from the stimulus to asking about the chances of a depression to breaking down future elections. OK, so there’s always elections.


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