Liveblogging The 76ers vs the Mavericks

19 Jan

2:06 – Mavs end the first half within 4 points, and the score sits at 46-42 as we enter halftime.  The buzzer couldn’t come sooner as the Mavs started hitting their shots, the Sixers were rushing shots on offense, and the lead was dwindling.  Time to regroup as they enter the tunnel.

2:01 – Brandon Bass takes the Sixers to school with a nice jump step move to sink 2, then Jason Terry comes back and hits a two-pointer and the Mavs are keeping in striking down distance down 8 points with 1:23 to go.

1:57 – Is it just me or does Jason Kidd look non-existent on the court? His counterpart, Miller, has been gangbusters with setting up his teammates and with his own shot, scoring 8 thus far.

1:50 – First appearance of the legendary Zumoff-ism ‘garbage into gold’ as Thaddeus Young grabs an offensive board and its a two-pointer off the back of the glass.  36-28 with 6 minutes to go until half.

1:46 – Sonny Hill appearance as the Sixers lead sits at 29-20.  Gotta love his voice…pretty much the only thing I ever listen to on 610 WIP.

1:40 – Reggie Evans to the line, looking AGGRESSIVE towards the hoop.  The Sixers may have the bench advantage with Williams, Speights, and Evans, whereas the Mavericks look like they need some more time to gel after their trade for Matt Carroll.

1:36 – Sammy tries to break out the And1 theatrics with an around-the-back dribble and pass which went awry.  Oh Sammy.

1:33 – Big three ball by Lou Williams, up 19-13.

1:31 – The beard look  just doesn’t work for the Dirk man…unless he dyes it purple.

1:27 – Great outlet pass from Miller  to Thaddeus Young as Young lays it up as he’s fouled.  And he knocks down the freebie. Sixers up 15-6

1:23 – Andre Miller has two offensive boards and flies high ‘above the trees’, as Zumoff would say, for the putback to extend the Sixers’ lead to 13-4.  Dallas takes a timeout, and is FLOUNDERING out there.

1:20 – Neither team knocking down many shots in the early going, with Dallas 2-10 from the floor and the Sixers 3-11, and none of the shots look pretty.  Not much crisp passing on either side.

1:16 – Iguodala looks to be throwing up shots aplenty today without hesitation.

1:11 – First play of the game, Sixers up 2-0!  No looking back folks.

1:04 – No Brand.  Streak continues?

12:54 – 1PM day games on off days require live-blogging.  Dallas is 23-17 this year, but have lost four of their last five games while the streaking Sixers have won seven games in a row.


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