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Michael Steele! You Were Da Bomb In Phantoms Yo!

27 Feb

Seems Michael Steele, supreme ruler of the Republican National Committee and our favorite urban-suburban hip hop Republican, was giving a pep talk to the few Republicans left in Washington. Apparently the Republican party in fine shape, just top-shelf quality.  They’re laying in the weeds, just ready to pounce! Michelle Bachmann liked said speech.  She liked it a lot.  So much so she had to speak her mind:

As Steele concluded his remarks, Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann — the event’s moderator — told Steele he was “da man.”

“Michael Steele! You be da man! You be da man,” she said.

Yeah, he was ‘da man’.  Gotta wonder what made her use that phrase.  I just wonder.

Anyway, let’s just hope Mr. Steele doesn’t hate America.  Remember, everyone’s favorite #1 Democrat does:

“I am very concerned that he [Barack Obama] may have anti-American views.” – Michelle Bachmann, 10/17/08 Chris Matthews Show


This Man Is On A School Board

26 Feb

I’m simply speechless:

What price due you put on students and staff? You cannot put a price tag on protecting students and staff at school.Board members McCree,Cooper and Cinfici voted no to bringing back the police.

“This won’t end it,”she said of the violence.”Kids nowadays don’t have a lot of respect for police officers,unfortunately.”

What kind of respect due these same students have for the security guards? Why even have security guards should be her battle cry!

Thanks to Al Walentis for the linkage.  This is amazing. It’s a wonder the Reading schools teach anyone at all.

Radio Is Dead, Podcast Your World

25 Feb

Do you have a 9 to 5 office job?  Do you have to drive somewhere on a daily basis?  Are you just one of the millions around the nation who likes to listen to the radio, but are tired of top 40 and ‘hot talk’ bullshit?  Well you’ve come to the right place!  Here’s a non-comprehensive list of suggestions for you to download from iTunes, from the interwebs, wherever.  These are podcasts I listen to at work, or podcasts I recommend to others. Check ‘em out: Continue reading

Sixers Fans, Feel The Pain. Embrace It.

25 Feb

Bask in it. Learn from it.  It’s happened eight times this season.  A buzzer-beater has poked and prodded our very cause for being.  The Sixers test us, they do.  They will NOT break us, oh no!  They will make us stronger.  We will come out of this season better fans, ready to face the future! Forge ahead brothers and sisters of the court, this team shall not destroy us.  If they strike us down, we shall become more powerful than they could ever imagine!

Mr. Obama, About Your Speech

25 Feb

Sixers Lose Heartbreaker In New Jersey With Milliseconds Remaining

24 Feb

didn’t that damn clock start late? all i’m sayin

Adam Carolla Is Reborn On The Interwebs

23 Feb

Aceman and his glorious rants will now be beaming purely via the internet, as his new podcast starts later tonight.  Follow this link to where you can follow his blog and podcast.  He’ll apparently be broadcasting nights, so one can download the hour long gem for tomorrow’s workday.  Keep hope alive, and keep on ranting about Labrea, traffic lights, crappy music, and much much more.  Here’s hoping some great guests will drop by for Adam to bounce ideas off.  Perhaps one T. Strasser?

What To Watch Because The Oscars Bored You

23 Feb

Full House Mondays!!!

23 Feb

OMG remember when they were all young and whatnot?!

97.1 KLSX In LA Is Flipping Formats, Adam Carolla Fired

19 Feb

The relatively decently-rated KLSX is going to be flipped over into a top 40 radio station!  Yay, another top 40 station!!! Orange County Register with the details:

Talk KLSX/97.1 FM will flip to a new Top 40 format called “AMP RADIO” at 5 p.m. Friday, CBS announced Wednesday.

Current talk show hosts Adam Carolla, the team of Frosty, Heidi & Frank, and Tom Leykis will do their final shows live Friday, with Leykis tossing the switch at 5 p.m. to “AMP RADIO,” which will begin with 10,000 songs in a row with limited commercial interruption “or about 28 days of just full-on music,” according to Dan Weiner, senior vice president and market manager for CBS radio in Los Angeles.

The format, described as playing “all the hits,” will also be online at Artists will include Justin Timberlake, Beyoncé, Rihanna, T.I., Kanye West, Usher, Britney, Pink, Kelly Clarkson, and Katy Perry, among others.

AMP Radio!!!! OMGZ!  I had no clue where to listen to the above artists, so this is definitely a welcome addition to the airwaves.  Who needs original talk radio with Adam Carolla when one can listen to an extra Katy Perry song.  She kissed a girl and she liked it, you know.

Larry Bowa Presented Without Comment

18 Feb

Ranting and raving with Larry Bowa: “You mean the same guy who was never on time, out of shape and has one complete game? He has more stuff to worry about in the A.L. East than me. He has to worry about getting people out. He was never on time, was out of shape and never helped the kids out. Put that on the (expletive) dot-com. Put it in the headline.”

“…I’m in everybody’s corner when they work. When they’re lazy and don’t work. I could give a (well, you get the picture).”

Dane Cook: Kicking And Gyrating His Way To Funny

16 Feb

Here’s Dane looking hilarious. He’s holding a chair! And sitting up and down on it! And wouldn’t it be funny if he punched a kid in the face?! OH THE HILARITY

Kyle Kendrick Is Leading The Race For Fifth

16 Feb

It’s been reported by the Philly Inquirer that Kyle Kendrick’s the frontrunner for the fifth spot of the rotation.  JA Happ, Carlos Carrasco and Chan Ho Park are currently trailing him, all eager to displace the lad.  Kendrick has his fans, who compare him to other pitchers who rely on control.  Heck, the Phillies themselves have the most extreme example of soft-pitch success in Jamie Moyer.

However, what seals Kendrick’s fate to me is Happ.  Happ has nothing left to prove when the games count.  He pitched well in AAA Lehigh Valley, provided some solid outings in Philadelphia last season, and puts up a consistent K per 9. Kendrick still needs to prove he can hit his spots when the games matter for me to feel at ease when he’s on the mound.  That feeling won’t be created by hearing Rich Dubee talk about his 21 career wins.

It’d be preferable for Kendrick to spend some time up in Lehigh Valley before he steps on the rubber at Citizen’s Bank Park.  Give Happ a chance.  If he runs with it, great.  If not, you always have Kendrick, Park, or Carrasco to fall back on.

What To Watch While Celebrating The Presidents

16 Feb

Full House Mondays!!!

16 Feb

Remember the time Full House was getting ridiculous with the amount of characters nobody actually cared about?! OMG DO I EVER


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