Michael Fletcher With The Hard-Hitting Questions For President Obama

10 Feb

Thank you Michael Fletcher, political reporter from the Washington Post, who was called on during last night’s Presidential press conference to throw the tenth question of the evening towards Obama. And boy did he ever! He gets straight to the most important news of the day, unlike the lumps before and after who concerned themselves with questions on the economy and foreign policy. Mr. Obama, what say you on A-Rod?

Roll the damn tape!

Look at the crowd of hardened journalists around ol’ Fletch trying not to react.


2 Responses to “Michael Fletcher With The Hard-Hitting Questions For President Obama”

  1. Jay Ballz February 10, 2009 at 12:12 pm #

    I was thinking about writing about this as soon as the question was asked last night. Honestly though, I am kind of exhausted by cheating and nonsense in baseball. I don’t have it in me to enjoy writing about this, even if the president comments on it.

    A-Rod was supposed to be many people’s savior to the tainted Barry Bonds records, and now that is all ruined.

  2. chris February 10, 2009 at 7:38 pm #

    Well, I don’t really view records as that big of a deal because of how different generations have had their own version of steroids. First it was the banning of black players, then there was the original expansion, then greenies, then roids, etc. And roids have been in the game for 40 years, greenies for 50+, and horse tranqs and whatever else for forever.

    I don’t impugn today’s guys without trying to put things in perspective.

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