Kyle Kendrick Is Leading The Race For Fifth

16 Feb

It’s been reported by the Philly Inquirer that Kyle Kendrick’s the frontrunner for the fifth spot of the rotation.  JA Happ, Carlos Carrasco and Chan Ho Park are currently trailing him, all eager to displace the lad.  Kendrick has his fans, who compare him to other pitchers who rely on control.  Heck, the Phillies themselves have the most extreme example of soft-pitch success in Jamie Moyer.

However, what seals Kendrick’s fate to me is Happ.  Happ has nothing left to prove when the games count.  He pitched well in AAA Lehigh Valley, provided some solid outings in Philadelphia last season, and puts up a consistent K per 9. Kendrick still needs to prove he can hit his spots when the games matter for me to feel at ease when he’s on the mound.  That feeling won’t be created by hearing Rich Dubee talk about his 21 career wins.

It’d be preferable for Kendrick to spend some time up in Lehigh Valley before he steps on the rubber at Citizen’s Bank Park.  Give Happ a chance.  If he runs with it, great.  If not, you always have Kendrick, Park, or Carrasco to fall back on.


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