Adam Carolla Is Making iTunes His Bitch

3 Mar

Adam Carolla used to host a radio program from 6-10 am on the West Coast.  His program had good ratings in most every market it aired in. As a reward for him providing said quality entertainment, he was pulled off the air, for good.  Then he sold a pilot for a sitcom to CBS.  Then came The Adam Carolla podcast, live (sort of) from his very own home!  The debut came last Monday, and six episodes later he’s realized his life-long dream: he has the number one podcast in America!  It’s true folks, the former Loveline host is atop the podcast world, becoming the first offering in a  long while to unseat This American Life.  With Carolla now on top of the imaginary interweb world, he’ll be setting his sights on the crappy sitcom landscape, hopefully bringing much needed laughs to the genre. Then, who knows?  Maybe it’ll be another movie…word is there’s many a script in the works.


2 Responses to “Adam Carolla Is Making iTunes His Bitch”

  1. Matt March 10, 2009 at 12:24 pm #

    I agree. This thing is going to skewer radio, both traditional and satellite. It’s instantly become my listening material for my commute. Yesterday I listened to half on the way to work, paused it, and finished it on the drive home. Now Adam can do what he does so well, minus the ‘fix-your-credit’ and ‘tax-settlement’ commercials. Plus cursing! Sweet.

    Keep it up, Adam! We Los Angeleans are in desperate need of quality, funny content and you’ve nailed it. With you off the air, terrestrial radio is completely worthless.

    And yes, I’d pay a nickel to get it, and keep it ‘corporate’ free. It’s so refreshing to hear this stuff without the lame-ass, corporate-radio-trying-to-be-hilarious studio production bullcrap peppered around it.

    Podcast on!


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