Michael Wilbon Is Going To Bowl Wes Malott

4 Mar

And he’s only requesting a 57 pin handicap.  Wilbon, the bald(er) one on ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption, is a casual bowler.  He even has his own shoes!  Well, he and pro bowler Wes ‘Big Nasty’ Malott, current points leader on the Pro Bowler’s Association, got into a spat when Wilbon called Malott out for not bowling in last week’s Plastic Ball Challenge tournament. Instead of bowling, Malott took the week off, came back and won the incedibly difficult Etonic Marathan Open.  This tournament involved bowling on a different pattern every single day, requiring multiple lines to the pocket.  Malott won with ease, raised the trophy and then asked ‘What now Wilbon?!’ live on ESPN.

Wilbon recently responded on PTI:

Bring it on Malott! Michael Wilbon and his shiny head of justice are going to go for it!  He’s going to get you for your trash talk! Malott v Wilbon (+57)! Who will win?!


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  1. Mike Scroggins Is Your 66th U.S. Open Champion « I’ve Made a Huge Tiny Mistake - April 6, 2009

    […] As for the best bowler in the nation?  That would be Wes Malott, who held off challenges from both Chris Barnes and Norm Duke to become the overall points leader for the 2009 season.  That makes him the PBA’s 2009 Player of the Year.  Barnes, 2008’s POTY, would’ve clinched the title with a win yesterday.  So would’ve Duke, and so it was a stone-8 pin that saved the title for Malott.  Malott’s had quite a season, winning four titles, including the Etonic Marathon Open.  He certainly deserved the recognition that this will bring him. Oh, and he also got into it with Mike Wilbon. […]

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