Links for Linking

17 Mar

Traversing the internet for the best stuff in the past week:

New sites: Huff & Stapes, Ramblings, 1000 Awesome Things, A foot and a half

There was the must-see interview by Jon Stewart with Jim Cramer, where Stewart said ‘what the heck’ and Crame was all like ‘I know, I know’.
Then there was Philliesflow breaking down the Phillies in yet another meaningful way.
And Joaquin Phoenix decided to ‘attack’ a ‘fan’, and Film Junk breaks it down.
Lee Stranahan of interview Kevin Smith. Part 1, Part 2.
Phil Hellmuth spouts off while playing (and losing) online poker.  Pure gems inside.
Glenn Beck may actually think the X-Files was a documentary or something.
CBS is releasing its own version of The Office, re-done for its audience!
Finally, True Hoop put up a terrific assessment of playoff benches. The conclusion about the Sixers is theirs ain’t flashy, but they all know their roles.


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