Valid Uses Of Police Time

3 Apr

Prostitution stings on craigslist! Yay:

Traci Young, the Northeast Philly woman who made up one half of a mother-daughter team allegedly offering “erotic services” in a Craigslist ad last year, pleaded guilty on Thursday to charges of promoting prostitution and conspiracy.

Young, 39, who gave her address as Salmon Street near Ontario in Port Richmond, came to court with her boyfriend, David Riley, 28, and wept in the gallery after her plea.

So we’re still punishing people for selling their bodies eh?  Well, at least it was a big prostitution ring dealing in multiple thousands of dollars, right?

There, Young introduced Paxton to her daughter and instructed him to pay $200, which he did, the prosecutor said.

$200?! HOLY SHIT BATMAN THAT’S A LOT OF MONEY! This is what the Philadelphia police department should be sniffing out.  Valid use of police time: confirmed.


One Response to “Valid Uses Of Police Time”

  1. Lottery Larry April 10, 2009 at 4:19 pm #

    Sorry, can’t agree with you there. I think that was WELL worth the police time spent, with Mother of the Year pimping out her daughter?

    Prison is better than what I’d do to her and the b-friend.

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