Mike Scroggins Is Your 66th U.S. Open Champion

6 Apr

Meet your new champ, who defeated the old champ.  Mike Scroggins defeated 2008 champion Norm Duke 191-173 in the finals of the 66th annual U.S. Open in North Brunswick, New Jersey.  Scroggins got there in amazing fashion, upsetting Chris Barnes 200-199 when Barnes left a disgusting stone-8 pin in the 10th frame, and then left a ringing 10-pin to lose by one.  Scroggins then sat down in the 10th frame of his match with Duke and saw Duke struggle his way to second place.

This is Scroggins’ sixth PBA victory, and his second major.  The $100,000 he won yesterday was well-earned after really becoming a solid pro bowlers of the past few seasons.  He proved himself on the brutal U.S. Open conditions, and has shown himself to be one of the top ten bowlers in the nation.

As for the best bowler in the nation?  That would be Wes Malott, who held off challenges from both Chris Barnes and Norm Duke to become the overall points leader for the 2009 season.  That makes him the PBA’s 2009 Player of the Year.  Barnes, 2008’s POTY, would’ve clinched the title with a win yesterday.  So would’ve Duke, and so it was a stone-8 pin that saved the title for Malott.  Malott’s had quite a season, winning four titles, including the Etonic Marathon Open.  He certainly deserved the recognition that this will bring him. Oh, and he also got into it with Mike Wilbon.


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