Philly Inquirer Letter Of The Week

7 Apr

Our friend Howard Chud writes in to discuss ‘merit pay’ for teachers, and suggests a more proper term for the idea:

To reward teachers who are willing to go into areas of the city where nobody wants to go with merit pay is just a total misuse of the term merit. Merit is rewarded to someone who has gone above and beyond what was expected of him or her. Those who will go into the undesirable areas should be rewarded with combat pay or willingness pay, but certainly not merit pay.

The best way to reward teachers who do the job on a day-to-day basis, but yet are not the superstars of the profession, is to use a demerit pay system, whereby those who do not do the job will lose money or not receive their raises or both.

Howard I. Chud


LOL, ‘combat pay’! I get it!  And you’re right Howard!  You give ’em the stick, not the carrot.  These teachers need to be paid less, then we’ll get and keep the really good ones.  Everyone knows that lowering pay based on performance, instead of raising pay based on performance, really ups the demand for these jobs. This is a foolproof plan sir.  I hope you’re running for the school board.


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