Philly Daily News Letter of the Week

14 Apr

This time we dip into the Daily News, where our friend John J. Murtha writes in to bemoan the horrible fate of private school kids in the city:

The unrewarded students

The mayor and columnist Stu Bykofsky agree that excellent students should be rewarded with Phillies seats in the mayor’s box. I agree, but what I can’t get is why they believe that only public-school students are worthy.

My granddaughter has had a 98 average all year at Cardinal Dougherty. Since my taxes paid for that box and a big part of the stadium, I believe there’s discrimination going on here.

Aren’t kids in religious schools worthy? Their parents pay the same taxes. In fact, in as much as they pay both school tax and tuition, they take nearly 200,000 students off the public school rolls.

John J. Murtha

Your taxes paid for that stadium and that school!  Yes, you aren’t using that school, and you’re paying $5K of your hard-earned money to send your daughter to private school, so your kid should get those damn tickets!  YEAH!  How dare the public school system want to reward kids actually going to their schools when they can reward your private school daughter, who you’ve decided can’t get that 98% in the public system.  It’s frankly disgraceful of these government fools. I am on your side sir.


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