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I want a pony

29 May

Or a bicycle.


Ricky Gervais Chats With Karl Pilkington

27 May

That bald bastard can just sit and stare and make me laugh:

What To Watch If You Want To Be Rivted

26 May

Boy Meets World Tuesdays!!!

26 May

PUMPED to be back in action! Remember the time Cory’s dad quit his job?! OH MAN

Have A Great Memorial Day Weekend!

22 May

I’m going to try and find this chick.

It’s Arrested Development

21 May

What if Arrested Development spawned a two-hour documentary where people talked to a camera about how funny they found the show? THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!

The Best MTV Video Music Awards Performance Ever

20 May

And I don’t think it’s even close. 1992, a little band named Nirvana played a song called Lithium in front of a pumped audience.  Frontman Kurt Cobain gave a little heart attack to the executives of MTV when he played a bit of the intro to Rape Me before going into Lithium.  Krist Novoselic went nuts and threw his guitar up in the air.  Watch what happens! This band rocked, plain and simple.