Manny Pacquiao Destroys Ricky Hatton, Floyd Money in the future?

3 May

Manny Pacquiao was undersized last night, but that was no problem for the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world as he knocked Ricky Hatton out COLD for three minutes in the second round. He did this in front of a decidedly pro-Hatton crowd  Hatton’s gameplan was utter shit, coming out overly-aggressive to try and overwhelm the smaller Pacquiao.

While there were moments early in the first round where it looked like Hatton. was smothering Pac, it was actually Pac just looking for a spot to work his magic.  His speed was way too much for Hatton, who refused to move his head.  He opened himself up way too much and Pacquiao took advantage halfway through the first round with a punch to the jaw.  Hatton fell to the ground, shocking many in attendance.  Hatton got up but Pacquiao knocked him down 30 seconds later.  They played out the rest of the first round and went back to their corners, but something was in the air now.  Pacquiao was almost literally landing all of his punches, and Hatton was missing or barely hitting Pac-Man.  One could feel the match coming to an end soon, with Hatton reeling and Pacquiao having all the confidence and momentum in the world.

The second round came, and he threw the best punch of his career, landing a left square on Hatton’s unprotected jaw, sending him down to the mat for several minutes.  Hatton remained unconcious for quite a while as about a third of the arena erupted while the rest of the arena remained dead silent.  It was an eery sight to see Hatton motionless, completely vulnerable.  His second attempt to be called the best pound-for-pound fighter ended in a similar way to his previous bout with Floyd Mayweather. That fight saw Hatton emloy a similar reckless style, and Mayweather picked him apart and knocked him down in the tenth round. The Hitman’s career may not be able to be resuscitated afte this one. Maybe it’s time to call Manny the career-killer.

What next for Manny? Politics?  Let’s hope he holds off until a showdown between him and Floyd Mayweather Jr. happens.  Yes, the formerly retired Mayweather has come out of retirement and is going to face Juan Manuel Marquez in two months.  Then, who knows? A Mayweather-Pacquiao matchup could happen, and would be a dream.  Two guys at the top of their game, who’ve defeated the same competition, facing off in the ring to see who’s the best.


2 Responses to “Manny Pacquiao Destroys Ricky Hatton, Floyd Money in the future?”

  1. Lottery Larry May 6, 2009 at 1:37 pm #

    I didn’t see the fight, but won’t Pac-Man have a decided advantage, due to Floyd’s layoff? How quickly can a fighter recover their 100% edge?

  2. chris May 6, 2009 at 6:19 pm #

    Floyd should have no problem. He’s Floyd Money, not Larry Holmes at 53

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