OK You Can All Shut Up About It, Chuck Has Been Renewed

18 May

Rest easy Chuck fans, your precious show has been saved.  NBC announced it’s renewed the beloved Josh Schwartz product for a 13 episode season 3, ensuring fan boys everywhere can stop spending $5 plus tax every day at their local family Subway restaurant. The average-rated hour-long fun fest will return with what will likely be less filler and more story, as the season 2 finale threw a game-changer in the mix when Chuck (Zachary Levi) became a new and improved ‘intersect’ who now knows Kung Fu!  Yay!

Congrats Chucksters, and please don’t do this again.  Is the show really THAT GOOD?  I viewed this like the previous attempts to save the former CBS show Jericho. I just don’t get people pining for more of a show that’s really just an hour of fun and cheesy fluff.  It’d be like me starting a campaign to save the cancellation of Yes, Dear.  You’ve gotten your second chance, now run with it like Family Guy did.  Either get your buddies to start watching, or accept its eventual demise.  I’m still waiting for The Critic to get resurrected, again.


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