Inky Letter of the Week

8 Jun

Here we go, our good friend Donna Cooper has some suggestions on how to cut down costs!  Let us in on it Donna:

Years ago, I had a job that paid all medical costs and also gave me 12 days’ vacation.

Now, almost all of us taxpayers have to pay for medical benefits and co-pays. Most only get six or seven holidays a year.

Suggestions: City employees help supplement their medical benefits and have co-pays just like us common taxpayers.

Cut back on vacation days (who gets Veterans or MLK Day? I have to take a vacation day), Columbus Day, Good Friday, Presidents Day? Stop paying overtime for working Saturdays when there’s a holiday. I’m sure taxpayers wouldn’t mind storing their trash an extra week.

The unions aren’t the only ones who should get a free ride! As a taxpayer, I’d would like one, too!

Donna Cooper, Philadelphia

Yeah! Our jobs are shitty! Theirs should be too! You tell ’em baby. Hugs and kisses your way.  Why should these people have ANY holidays off?  Why are they not working weekends either? Lazy bums I say.


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