Michael Jackson, Dead at 50, Performs Billie Jean At The 25th Motown Anniversary

25 Jun

This classic performance, one year prior to my birth, the greatest of his career, cemented him as the King of Pop.   At the tender age of 25 Mr. Jackson topped the charts and defined the music video. Billie Jean remains my favorite song of his work, belted out simultaneously with force and grace. And jesus christ, he moonwalked people! MOONWALKED!  Then his life went to shit.  The man had his demons, many of which we won’t fully come to learn about until after his untimely death.  For 50 years he was one of the greatest entertainers of our age, but he was forevera  child trapped in a man’s body, and caused harm to others in his battles with himself.  It’s a sad legacy he leaves, the duality of greatness and the fall from it playing front and center.  One cannot deny his influence on modern popular music, yet one can’t ignore the vile things which were alleged.

He died today.  His music will live on, but a dark cloud will hang over his life.  He leaves behind three children.


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