Arizona Wants You To Have The Right To Conceal Your Gun In A Bar

29 Jun

Yeehah, I’m a get me to Arizony:

But a bill moving through the Arizona Legislature has some bar owners fearful that the state is turning back the clock to the Old West. Lawmakers are considering a bill that would allow anyone with a concealed-weapons permit to bring a handgun into bars and restaurants serving alcohol.

The bill gives bars discretion to keep gun-toting patrons out, and anyone with a weapon would not be allowed to drink. But the bill has angered bar owners who believe booze and guns are a recipe for disaster.

So, it’s not like any bar worth going to is ACTUALLY going to enact such a policy, but the fact that this is being debated in the legislature is insane! Still, who the heck would push for an idiotic law like this?

The bill is part of a nationwide push by the National Rifle Association. Georgia passed a similar law in 2008, as did Tennessee earlier this year in becoming the 40th state to allow bar or restaurant patrons to carry guns.

“These laws are common sense,” said NRA spokeswoman Rachel Parsons. “Restaurants are not immune to criminal activity. Law-abiding people — regardless of whether they’re in restaurants, cars or homes — they should be able to protect themselves against criminal attack.”

Ohhhh, I see.  It’s about expanding some here-to-for unknown ‘right’ of gun ownership.  Without this, they’ll be taking our guns!  We’d be completely helpless should criminal activity go down at Chickie’s and Pete’s. If only there was some sort of policing type force we could call to assist us should something arise, but, alas, there is none!

One of the bill’s sponsors, Republican Rep. John Kavanagh, said it’s about time Arizona passes such a law, and that the most important thing is that people carrying guns into bars aren’t allowed to drink.

“You don’t want intoxicated people with weapons, and this bill continues the prohibition against drinking and carrying,” said Kavanagh, a retired police officer in New York and New Jersey. “What is the problem with having a gun in a delicatessen where someone is having a beer with their pastrami two tables away?”

Uhm, how about because it freaks me the hell out?  Because we’ve seen that guns do, you know, kill people?  But hey, only responsible citizens would have access to this lil’ law:

The law would only apply to people with concealed-weapons permits because lawmakers say that type of gun owner has to pass a background check and take an eight-hour course to get their permits, and are therefore safer. More than 127,000 Arizonans have concealed-weapons permits, according to the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

Yay! EIGHT HOURS!!! That’s almost one-fifth of the amount we require a person to take to be able to use a death trap on wheels, er car.  That certainly seems fair and reasonable.  OK guys, I’m for it.  Let’s bring this law to the Northeast, except let’s require a gun to enter a bar.  ONLY PATRONS WITH GUNS MAY ENTER!  That way we’ll all be safer!  But none of them can drink.  Them’s the rules.


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