Pathetic, Petty People Purposely Prevent Populace Pooling

31 Oct

Because they don’t know what they’d classify it as:

The municipalities have met three times since August with the Pennsylvania Economy League to study the issue. At a meeting last week, the Lower Alsace supervisors said they would prefer remaining a second-class township, while Mount Penn officials said they would prefer remaining a borough, although Councilwoman Claudia Hurwitz said Tuesday the borough was open to other options.

So two towns containing 7,500 people, already share fire, police and school services, can’t put pointless designations to the side before even AGREEING TO STUDY IT:

The two sides were scheduled to make a decision about continuing the study at the end of the year, after the economy league put together a sample budget showing how a merger would affect tax rates, services and spending.

But the study will not get to that point.

“I think we should just end it now,” Councilman James Cocuzza said.

Morons. Borough or township? Township or borough? IT’S TOO DIFFICULT, LET’S QUIT!


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