Ending The Year With The Dumbest Letter to the Editor Of The Year

31 Dec

The Reading Eagle tends to print any ol’ letter sent into its offices. This year was no exception, from racism to misogyny to political screeds, they print them all. They decided to top themselves to cap off 2013, printing a letter from Betty Jane Lillis. It must be read to be believed:

In response to Adam Wayne’s letter (“God could act in his own time,” Reading Eagle, Dec. 25):

We surely didn’t evolve from apes. How does an ape transform over time to look human?

People are in denial that there is a God and that the Bible is true and accurate. This also falls into the same concept people have about how a person chooses his way of life and makes biblical reference look like an attack.

We are in the era in which people do not want to accept what is in the Bible because it doesn’t give them the freedom to do what God did not intend for his creations to do.

What’s next? Give child molesters rights to offend little ones because they can’t control themselves? Give people the right to steal from another because the victim should share what he has?

People are in denial because to accept the truth means they have to abide by the law of God.

Betty Jane Lillis
Lower Heidelberg Township

Step back from your tablet or computer. Let this sink in. Evolution isn’t real because wtf, how could it be? People are in denial there is a god because they want to live their lives the way they do. If we don’t live by her view of the bible, child molesters will be allowed to ‘offend little ones’. This one has it all, folks.

Have a great 2014, and remember that you’re a piece of shit who needs to follow the bible. Man, do anti-evolutionist live a fun life.


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