Bill On Indiana Governor’s Desk Would Allow Guns In Elementary School Parking Lots

14 Mar

For your consideration:

Indiana lawmakers approved a controversial bill late Thursday to allow guns in parked cars on school property, despite objections from school groups and gun reform advocates.

The measure, supported by the powerful National Rifle Association, cleared the Senate on a 38-10 vote. The House followed suit, voting 75-24 and sending the measure to Gov. Mike Pence for consideration

The votes on Senate Bill 229 followed floor debates between lawmakers who wanted to protect the gun rights of licensed permit holders and those who felt the measure would lead to more access to guns and possibly more violence.

Sen. Jim Tomes, R-Wadesville, bill author, said the measure allows people who can legally possess firearms to have their guns on school property only if concealed in locked cars on parking lots.

It doesn’t allow guns in the schools, buildings, school buses or at any functions where there are students present on school grounds, he said.

But the bill would allow teachers, parents, schools visitors and high school students who are members of gun clubs to have guns locked in their cars in school parking lots. Student gun club members would have to receive permission from school principals.

Let me get this straight. Guns will now potentially be in the parking lots of schools. What problems does this law propose to fix?

“Teachers have to leave their 2nd Amendment rights at the front door when they go to work,” said Steele.

And students leave their 1st amendment rights at the front door when they got to school, too. They’d also be leaving their 2nd amendment rights at the door under this bill, too. In the event of a school shooting, a teacher or school staff member would theoretically realize a shooting is occurring, slip past the shooter(s), go to their locked car, lock and load, return, and enact pure American justice.

Seems like a likely story.


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