Old Man Yells At Cloud, Reading Eagle prints it

28 Mar

The Reading Eagle strikes again!  One of the best yet:

Being an elder member of the population, I find myself bemused by the changes in society today. People communicate with each other by using their thumbs instead of their mouths, sometimes when in the same house.

I place a phone call and am greeted by a robotic voice offering a menu of options instead of a human being. A menu used to be something handed to you in a restaurant.

Cars have become rolling phone booths occupied by drivers watching screens instead of the road.

Terminology also has changed. A cell was something inside a body or a room occupied by a prison inmate, not a communication device. “Gay” just meant happy. A “tweet” was a sound a bird made. “Going viral” usually meant a flu epidemic, not something spreading over a computer.

I know society evolves, but I sometimes wonder if this is really progress, and I yearn for simpler times.

Thomas Donahue



His next letter will tackle horseless carriages, automated teller machines, and maybe finally bring up this nasty Prohibition. 


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