Saturday Morning Comics #49: Bunch of Scammers

27 Sep

Q: What is your favorite sports cartoon?

SME: Speed Racer
Kyle!: Pro Stars
Silver Fox: Laugh Olypmics
COC: Wacky Races from Hanna Barbera
Tugboat Commander: Mighty Ducks
Toymaster: Mr. T

3min – QUESTION  (Lee also rants against guys with big stupid hats and big sunglasses playing poker)
8min – Discussing DC’s Monster cereal
Banned Books Week
       – Humble Bundle for Valiant!
– Beware the Bat just ended
Retro-Con in Oaks, PA

27min – GOTHAM episode 1 discussion
34min – Sirens #1
41min – Beasts of Burden: Animal Rites
47min – Pandora Futures End #1
55min – Sensations Comics #2   BUY IT
64min – Words for Pictures written by Brian Michael Bendis
68min – Batman Eternal #24
75min – Multiversity: The Society of Super-Heroes Conqueors of Counter-World #1
87min – Fury Max: My War Gone By    BUY IT
101min – Red Hood and the Outlaws Futures End #1    Bat fans BUY IT
109min – Uncanny Avengers #24


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