Saturday Morning Comics #57 : Smurfing Thanksgiving

22 Nov

QUESTION: We wax philosophical on the Smurfs. Toymaster shows his Smurfs knowledge.


4min – QUESTION – more of a discussion on Smurf nature
– Solicits for February: Darth Vader begins; Spider-Gwen #1 starts; Elektra, She-Hulk, Magnus: Robot Fighter ending; Art Adams doing interiors on GOTG Team-Up; The Art of He-Man from Dark Horse; Art of Michael Turner’s Batman
– 16min – TV discussion: Flash, Agents of SHIELD (Kree!!!!), Arrow
– 19min – Chris Pratt may star in Cowboy Ninja Viking
– 23min – Imperium/Divinity coming from Valiant in February
– 25min – Mondo Batman prints
     – 30min – Attack on Titan live-action visuals unveiled
     – 32min – More Flash talk!!! BECAUSE WE LOVE THIS SHOW
38min – The Resurrectionists #1
45min – Wytches #2  MUST BUY
1:00 min – Weird Love #4
1:07 min – Silver TPB  from Dark Planet Comics
1:15min – AXIS: Hobgoblin #2  COC RECOMMENDATION
1:20min – GOTG 3000
1:27min – Men of Wrath #2
1:35min – Suicide Squad #4  whither Jeremy Roberts??? plus some Convergence discussion
1:47min – She-Hulk #10
2:03min – Tooth & Claw #1


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