Saturday Morning Comics #66: The Interview

14 Feb

What is your favorite grindhouse-style comic?
Strike Master – Shotgun Wedding
Coiny – Preacher
Toymaster – Toxic Avenger
Kyle! – Crossed or Night of Living Dead comics
Marco – Hack/Slash

Ric Flair documentary


Wonder Woman by Sandy Jarrell

1min – Interview with Dan Mendoza, creator of Zombie Tramp
54min – QUESTION
– Divergence discussion – 24 new titles coming in June
– Gene Yang is on Superman!
– Starfire book discussion at 1:07
– 1:13 – Spider-Man allowed to be used in the MCU
– TV Guide article on comic book TV shows
– 1:22 – Ben Templesmith is doing Lovecraft
– NEW New Suicide Squad lineup

1:25min – Zombie Tramp #7
1:37min – United States of Murder Inc #6
1:46min -Lady Killer #2
1:51min – Imperium #1
2:00min –  King Features: Jungle Jim #1
2:05min – Postal #1


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