Saturday Morning Comics #67: Black Russians?

28 Feb

QUESTION: What is your favorite comic book Justice League member that is not a founding member?

Coiny – Booster Gold and Blue Beetle; Green Arrow
Strike Master – Cyborg
Toymaster – Guy Gardener
Tugboat – Guy Gardener
Silver Fox – Black Canary, Hippolyta

Raymond Garcia touches the face of his dead son Renato, dressed in a costume of comic book character Green Lantern, at a house in San Juan

Silver Fox – p110 Convergence New Teen Titans; p121 Wonder Woman 77 #1, p268 The Shield #1, p402 Bloodshot Reborn #1
Coin Op – p119 Convergence Infinity Inc; p122 Convergence Shazam!; p329 Masks 2 #1
Strike Master – p290 Copra Round Two; p111 Convergence Superboy and Legion of Superheroes; Fantastic Four #645 (LAST ISSUE); p262 Alamo Value Plus #1
Hijacker – p303 Ufology ; p138 Girl Who Play With Fire
Toymaster – p98 Convergence Green Lantern Parallax    p152 Jae Lee designer figures  p151 Batman Roxy Rocket action figure; p78 Deadpool #250
Kyle! – p155 Catwoman bust; p459 Zoom Reverse Flash hoodie; p476 Alien Queen Bottle Opener

– The Spirit is coming back
– Jim Starlin’s Dreadstar picked up by Universe Cable Productions
– discussion about Syfy shows
– Spawn can be used in Mortal Kombat X
– Batgirl has a TWIST!!!!
17:50min – PREVIEW PICKS
42min – Guardians 3000 #5
51min – Displacement
1:04min – Wild’s End #6
1:12min- Rai #6
1:20min – Mortal Kombat X #2
1:30min – The Humans #4
1:39min – Avengers #41
1:46min – Southern Bastards #7
1:52min – Pecan Pie recipe!!!!!!!!!
1:54min: X #22
2:06min – Injustice Year 3 #9
2:15min – Divinity #1


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