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I’m a Level 15 in Hinkieology

27 Feb

Get Ready For Embiid City, Philly

28 Jun

Dude seems fun.

Bye Bye Spence

20 Feb

via SI:

Cleveland will send two second-round picks and forward Earl Clark (per a Turner Sports report) to Philadelphia as part of the trade, which will also include at least one other player. The Cavaliers don’t have a traded player exception with which to absorb Hawes’ salary, so they will have to roughly match his incoming $6.5 million in order to make the deal legal. Clark’s $4.3 million alone isn’t quite enough to satisfy the league’s salary-matching rules, though the other players in the deal were not immediately known.

Pile up those picks for the coming draft, Hink-man! Brooklyn for the draft, anyone?

Michael Carter Williams Sez Welcome To the Future

30 Oct

We’ve got fun and games


Jrue Holiday: All Star

27 Jan


15 Aug


The Answer Returns

7 Dec

Bring it.