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Kidd Chris Is Canned, Fired, and Gone?

16 May

I thought something was amiss when I heard a ‘best of’ being played this morning:

WYSP/Philadelphia has fired morning show host Kidd Chris and program director John Cook due to the airing of a racist song. The song “Schwoogies” was originally performed by Lady Gash in the studio on March 21 and sung to the tune of Blondie‘s “Call Me.” The song aired a few times before it became an issue resulting in the terminations.

“We found the song to be highly offensive and completely inappropriate for broadcast on our airwaves. When senior management of the station learned that it had been played, they took immediate steps to prevent it from ever appearing on the station again,” CBS Radio spokeswoman Karen Mateo told FMQB. “At the same time, we launched an extensive internal investigation into the situation including a thorough review of the editorial controls and systems we have in place to prevent this type of content from airing. We instituted additional educational training for the station, and have taken appropriate disciplinary action, including termination of the individuals involved.”

It WAS pretty offensive. Didn’t it play months ago though? I wonder where Foley will end up. I never understood why he placated all the racist stuff from some of the regular callers. It wasn’t really needed for the show to be funny.

For fans of the show: Half-Ninja (Chris McDevitt) reports there’s a party at Levy’s Comedy Club tonight.


Kidd Chris Is Now In Commercials

28 Apr

Cobra and Connie are famous!

Kidd Chris on the 11 O’Clock News

12 Feb

Seems CBS3 had a minute to fill…

WMMR Whines Like Little Bitches About WYSP Ozzy Bit

12 Jan

From Dan Gross:

93.3 WMMR called Epic Records yesterday to tell them that “their artist was being portrayed in an unflattering light,” confirmed ‘MMR Program Director Bill Weston when we asked about the station’s response to an interview with an Ozzy Osbourne impersonator on 94 WYSP’s Kidd Chris show in which Fake Ozzy trashes WMMR. We’re told Real Ozzy’s people later complained to ‘YSP about the prank after the record company was contacted by WMMR. Fake Ozzy’s British accent disappeared occasionally and his least offensive barb against WMMR said if he had to do another lame interview on ‘MMR he’d go back on drugs. Kidd Chris and ‘YSP management offered no comment asked if Ozzy’s people had contacted the station to complain about the prank. Real Ozzy played last night at the Wachovia Spectrum in a show co-sponsored by WMMR.

Wow. WMMR ‘told’ on Kidd Chris and whoever did the Ozzy voice (Craig Gass?). So WMMR heard an actual funny bit and decided that they had no sense of humor and would make a fuss about it. Instead of trying to improve their own lame bits, they bitch about 94.1.  Get a life guys, get a life.

94.1 WYSP Rebounds In The Ratings At The Expense of WMMR

13 Dec

They saw a pretty decent jump in their key demos:

WYSP’s decision to return to rock three months ago seems to be working well – though, predictably, success has came at the expense of competitors. According to the November Arbitron report, WYSP (94.1) finished second in cumulative weekly audience among listeners ages 18 to 49 – a 35-percent rise since mid-September.

WYSP’s move coincides with a 16-percent drop in “cume” among that demo at rival WMMR (93.3).

Top station WBEB (101.1) – the front-runner among adult listeners by a wide margin – slipped 7 percent. Classic hits WOGL (98.1) was up 8 percent. Top 40 WIOQ (102.1) was down 3 percent. Alt-rock WRFF (104.5), logging huge numbers since its May sign-on, was down 3 percent.

Ratings did not reflect Kidd Chris, who started on mornings Oct. 26. Expect word shortly that Couzin Ed will do afternoons, and that a new-to-Philly jock will do nights. Spike (Brett Eskin) will start Monday on middays.

Perhaps I, and many others, were simply wrong in saying that fans would stop tuning in.  If anything, they tuned in and brought their friends with them.   These numbers are essentially entirely based off of when they went from talk to rock.  This is before Chris’ big jump to mornings at 6-10am.  Go Chris!


The Kidd Chris Show Is Beat Up By Women

11 Dec

Both Bob Levy and Thomas got their asses handed to them by some female wrestlers. Thomas even went through a table. No way Monkeyboy would’ve punked out like those little bitches. Enjoy, Kidd Chris fans:

News On This Week’s Kidd Chris Show!!!

3 Dec


Mike Jones: The guy that allegedly had gay sex with Senator Larry Craig.
New Instant Messenger Interviews
Your shot at a trip with the Eagles to Dallas.
New Brad The Cripple Interviews
Tix to Van Halen in AC.
New Cream Teams calls
Chris Jericho
Colin Quinn
Zacky Vengeance (Avenge Sevenfold)
Robert Schimmel
Rev Bob Levy
New crank calls

…all that and more on The KiddChris Show this week… 94.1 WYSP Philadelphia