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My Reason To Exist, Chris Wheeler, ‘Steps Down’

8 Jan

They let the wrong man go. Chris Wheeler, 37-year veteran of the Philadelphia Phillies broadcasts, took a step back from the mic and ‘stepped down’ today. Gary ‘Sarge’ Matthews also was given the unceremonious boot. ‘Tis a sad day for unintentional comedy fans. At first, this blog hated Chris Wheeler. We marveled at his oft repeated phrasesand wondered how bad Sarge would be. But, time came and went, the Phillies won the World Series, and our cold, black hearts melted a little for ol’ Chris. He danced for joy. He loved him some Phillies. He was a fan that got lucky enough to get paid to broadcast for his favorite team. He’ll never be mistaken for a great broadcaster, and will eventually be forgotten by most of the fan base, but he was a great fan. He had fun out there. And there isn’t much more this blog can ask for someone.

Godspeed, Wheels.

And fuck you Tom McCarthy.


Chris Wheeler Loves The C…

24 Jun

Hey Wheels, you said it, not me!

Wheels Is Still Tweeting

17 May

Stop lying to us, Chris.  Why do you want to keep your tweeting from Twitter Nation?

Are You Following Chris Wheeler?

27 Apr

If not, you should be.  The real Chris Wheeler is now twitting up a storm over on Twitter.  Come for the insight, stay for the lovable goof that is THE_REAL_WHEELS.

Chris Wheeler Is An Impartial Observer

30 Oct

You have to love him, you just have to:

Chris Wheeler In All His Dancing Glory

6 Sep

Doesn’t everyone love him and his hair? Thanks 1.

First, the greatest vid ever: LINKAGE

And The Winner Of The Chris Wheeler Guessing Game Is…

26 Jul

Tom G from Balls, Sticks & Stuff!!! He guessed that our favorite announcer Chris Wheeler would mention the size of Petco Park during the final 3 games of the Phillies-Padres about 9 times. I counted 10 times throughout the 3 games, putting Tom almost spot on! Congrats Tom, and I hope you like the shirt. And everyone else go get their favorites, courtesy of the Chris Wheeler Glossary and Cole Hamels