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Pat Burrell Is A Tampa Bay Ray

6 Jan

At least the weather will be nicer Pat


Farewell Thee Pat Burrell

15 Dec

Seeya buddy

Game 4 Review: Pat And His Bat

6 Oct

The Philadelphia Phillies won yesterday afternoon’s game against the Milwaukee Brewers 6-2 to advance to the National League Championship Series.  They played opposite the NFL’s Eagles/Redskins game and got clobbered in the local ratings (900K to 300K), but those who watched saw a homer-fest.  Jimmy Rollins led off the game with a solo shot, then Pat Burell added a 3 run bomb to left field in the third inning, and then Jayson Werth went back-to-back.  Finally, Burrell capped the game with another shot in the eighth inning.  All of this ran Jeff Suppan out of the game after only three innings of work, while Joe Blanton pitched a decent 6 inning game where he allowed only 5 hits and one run.

This was Pat Burrell’s coming out party in the playoffs.  Burrell’s night of 3-4 with two homers and a walk was what everyone was hoping he’d do this month.  His season started off on fire but then he gradually faltered in August and September as he slumped with his swing.  All will be forgiven by the fans if he puts up more games like this. Though I’ve always been a fan, others are more fickle.

And now the Brewers go into the offseason where they will likely see their rotation dismantled after their first post-season birth since 1982.  Kudos to that.  The Phillies will face the Los Angeles Dodgers starting Thursday.  It’s sure to be a barn burner, likely going 6 or 7 games.  Both teams played well since the All-Star break and down the stretch, and knocked off their division series opponents fairly easily.   The edge in this matchup is uncertain.  I honestly don’t know who will win.  The Dodgers rotation is deeper, but I’d say Hamels is the best pitcher either staff has to offer.  If the Phils can set up their rotation to put him out there twice, the edge may lie with the good guys.

Good Newspaper Articles Penned By Rich Hofmann

19 Jun

Remember about a month ago when I highlighted a horrible article written by Marcus Hayes about Ryan Howard?  Well, it seems only fair to highlight a good article penned by a Philadelphia Daily News writer, and I found one!  Rich Hofmann, the fairly sensible writer at the Daily News, wrote up a few words about Pat Burrell and his production over his career as a Phillie.  Seems Burrell isn’t the worst player in the league or something like that:

Since 2000, when Burrell broke in with the Phillies, there are only 23 players who have hit at least 200 homers and driven in at least 750 runs. He is one of them. Alex Rodriguez, Jim Thome, Manny Ramirez, Albert Pujols, Pat Burrell – all on the same chart.

Surprised, right?

That he is one of the top two-dozen power hitters of this era is unquestioned. History surely will view Burrell that way. The reply will come back that more was expected of the first pick of the 1998 draft – and, well, fine.

But if you look at the players who made their major league debut in 2000, Burrell is so clearly the premier slugger of that class that it isn’t even arguable. His 236 homers are 70 more than the guy behind him on the table, Aubrey Huff. His 788 RBI are 193 more than Huff. Again, it is not close.

Sure, he could’ve used better stats than homers and RBI to prove his point (OBP? VORP? EQA?), but he’s speaking to an audience that might not be as receptive to those.  Hoffman then follows with a couple humble quotes from Burrell where he gives praise to other players and talks about his teammates.  What a jackass, am I right people?

Hoffman also brings up that horrible 2003 season, putting it in context of his entire career and refusing to let it overshadow Burrell’s other years in the pin stripes:

For years, it seems, Burrell has been tied to twin anvils as far as the people of this town are concerned: his huge contract for one, and his disastrous 2003 season for another. That one season, especially – when Burrell hit only .209 – seems unshakeable in the public consciousness. Even as he has built from that, and really taken off in the last 12 calendar months, the past remains predominant somehow.

“That’s got something to do with it,” Burrell said, evenly. “People who play the game for a long time, they do have bad years – some worse than others. Mine was terrible. I think I hit 21 homers that year and I don’t remember any of them. I couldn’t tell you one of them because it was that difficult of a year …

“But it made me a better player. To look back and see where I have come from there, it’s a world of difference.”

Let’s hope that most people have been swayed by his play throughout the past 3 seasons and now understand that there’s much more involved with good offensive production than accomplishing feats like a 300 batting average and fanning less than 100 times a year.  This man’s services should be retained by the Phillies going into the next several years.  I wouldn’t give him more than 12 million a year due to him being on the wrong side of 30, but I see nothing wrong with a 3 year/36 million dollar contract.  Tremendous interest from others teams in the offseason could prevent a contract like that, and with the way he’s been playing he’s certainly earned a bidding war.  If the Phillies were to let him go, would you be happy with an outfield of Werth-Victorino-Golson-random free agent platooning veteran?  That’s what’s going to be put out there if Burrell walks.

BTW, I think it’s safe to say we settled the debate. Burrell is a hitting machine.

Pat Burrell Is Man And Machine

17 Apr

Remember during spring training when we all debated whether Pat Burrell is actually man or if he is, in fact, machine? Well, Pat is showing that he’s the best of both as he’s started off the 2008 season with a bang. The left fielder went and jacked his 6th homer of the season in a 10-2 trouncing of the Houston Astros yesterday. After finishing the 2007 season with such a terrific 2nd half, he hasn’t slowed down AT ALL. The man looks confident up there, is laying off junk as usual, and is bashing anything hit over the plate. Just check out his rankings in the National League thus far:

AVG: 373 (6th)
OBP: 484 (3rd)
SLG: 836 (1st)
OPS: 1.296 (1st)

HR: 6 (tied for 1st)
RBI: 17 (1st)
BB: 13 (tied for 3rd)

VORP: 11.2 (4th)
EQA: .392 (1st)

Ho hum. Not too shabby folks.
Keep it up Pat. We may just be crowning our 3rd MVP in a row…ok, I might be jumping the gun just a bit. Still, what a hot start.  And to the haters?  Remember when some of us said Pat wasn’t so bad, and was actually pretty good?  Pat sez check the pic.

Pat Burrell: Man Or Machine?

14 Feb

That is the question of this day, the first day of Phillies Spring Training(click the link, ladies):

Pat Burrell Is Chatting With You On The Internets

17 Jan


phi6666666: Would you consider signing a contract extension with the Phillies or are you going to move on?

Burrell: I’d love to sign back with the Phillies. Whether or not it works out, I’ve been very happy with the time I’ve had here. Like I said, though, I’d love to re-sign.

Fucking jerk.  He goes on to bash the city itself!!! Just look:

dbth23: Do you like Philadelphia?

Burrell: I love it. I’ve spent the first eight seasons living downtown and I’ve had a blast. The restaurants are unbelievable and it’s a great place to walk my dog. I wouldn’t want to move out of the city.

Why don’t you just spit on my grandmother’s grave Pat?  Your  despicable opinions on Philadelphia are an affront to this nation and its inhabitants.
He even pounds on the fans themselves:

mlhty: What’s the best part of playing in Philly, in your opinion?

Burrell: I’d have to say the ballpark and the fans. The whole last series down the stretch, when we were fighting and the Mets were choking, the city was just awesome and rallied around us. It was exciting to be a part of.

Sigh.  I would ask for Burrell to put up an apology online for all the fans to read, but alas:

ballfreak86: Since this an online chat, do you spend much time on the Internet?

Burrell: No, I don’t even have a computer.

No wonder so many fans hate Pat.  What a jerk.