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A Gun For If Your Twelve Year Old Needs To Hunt T-Rex

5 May

From the annual NRA convention (where Glenn Beck was the headline speaker):



Boy Meets World Sundays: Topanga Is All Growed Up

17 Mar

And she’s in Maxim:

Dude Loves Him Some Melons

28 Aug

West Reading In Photos

21 Aug

This past Friday I went around the borough of West Reading and snapped some pictures of the buildings and built-up environment.  It’s a nice little borough that is very urban and has a great variety of housing and people (sort of a great extension of the city of Reading).  Home of the large Reading Hospital, it has a vibrant Penn Avenue as its main artery and a burgeoning arts and music scene.  And yet the borough is still decidedly working-class; it’s where my grandfather lived. West Reading’s live and in color if you just click on the picture below (the first 6 pics are of Reading):

Picture Day!

2 Jul

Here’s a few pictures from yesterday’s walk along the Schuylkill River.

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A Glance at George Mason University

28 Mar

Thanks to Dan, for creating a good photo tour of George Mason University, the upset special from Washington DC which is in the NCAA Final Four. Average campus, nothing too special, but George the patriot himself is all gussied up for the tourney (and yes, I wrote gussied). Click on Georgie for the tour: