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Mayweather Punchout

3 May

Goin Back To Cali

26 Feb


Race In America

4 Dec


Patrick Chappatte

Happy Thanksgiving From Your Favorite Family

27 Nov

Go Eagles


But really, it’s about ethics in video game journalism

12 Nov

Yeah, sure it is.

Case closed… (on the end of She-Hulk)

1 Nov

The Land of 10,000 Things


Wow, sucks, doesn’t it? Something we love is going away. The She-Hulk series, published by Marvel Comics, written by me, largely drawn by Javier Pulido (Ron Wimberly killed it on issues 5-6), with colors largely from Muntsa Vicente (Rico Renzi for 5-6) incredible covers from Kevin Wada and lettered by Clayton Cowles, with wonderful editorial work from Jeanine Schaefer and Tom Brennan, will end at issue 12, which will hit in January, 2015.

I’ve known about this for a little while – it wasn’t a surprise to me. To you guys, however, it seems like it was a bit of a shock, at least based on the massive response I’ve seen on Twitter, FB and in the press. Some wonderful things are being said about She-Hulk, and the team and I appreciate it immensely.

Can't take credit for this, I saw it on Twitter, but I thought it was pretty great - memed-up form of some panels from She-Hulk #1. Can’t take credit for this, I saw it on Twitter, but I thought it was…

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Saturday Morning Comics #45: Rags to Riches (yeah, we know)

30 Aug

Interview with Rags Morales at 7 minutes
Follow Rags at: @RagsMorales  Rags Aginst The Machine   Comic Art Community  

Question: What is your favorite sci-fi cartoon?

2. Ms Marvel #7
1. Storm #2
Q – Men in Black/Futurama

2.Justice #1
1.The Multiversity #1
Q – Duck Dodgers

1. Avengers Undercover #8
Q – Bravestarr

Silver Fox 
2. Teen Titans #2
1. Batwoman #34
Q – Starblazers

Toymaster – Q – Phantom 2040

1min – Question
6min – Interview with Rags Morales!
1:08min – our thoughts on the interview
1:11min – Teen Titans #2
1:19min – Avengers Undercover #8
1:26min – Ms Marvel #7
1:37min – Justice #1
1:43min – Batwoman #34
1:49min – continuity discussion/DC
1:53 – Storm #2
1:59 – The Multiversity #1
2:15 – artist editions discussion/ and we gotta discuss Rob Liefeld


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