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Meet The New Family: The Obamas

20 Jan

Welcome guys. Welcome.


12 Hours Until President Barack Obama

20 Jan


President Obama

14 Jan

It sounds so good.

Philly.com Baits Obama Haters And They Don’t Disappoint

2 Dec

Philly.com’s recent breaking news was in regards to president-elect Barack Obama coming to speak to the National Governor’s Association today. The headline:

Obama’s visit will snarl Center City traffic tomorrow

Wow! NEWSFLASH, the incoming president will require a lot of protection and will close down some streets (5th to 6th St between Market and Walnut, to be exact). THE HORROR!!! This little nugget didn’t go unnoticed by the Obama haters, though. Intent on knocking him down for any perceived slight, they jumped at this opportunity by flooding the comments section:

-Why do we need this disaster in CC Philly. I don’t mean the traffic, I mean the self proclaimed messiah.
-What no Clintons? Oh they are all in the Dear Leader’s cabinet. What do they expect to accomplish? Nothing! Except the photo opp.
-Maybe he’s going to pull a Cleavon Little and whip out his birth certificate.
-I doubt these traffic tie-ups will be confined to Old City. What if Obama decides he wants to go to dinner in Manayunk? Traffic will be tied-up everywhere. On a side note, what is up with the traffic lights on the Parkway? Someone reset the traffic lights so that you can only drive a block at a time before you hit a red light. It takes longer to drive from the Art Museum to City Hall via the Parkway than it takes to drive from Chestnut Hill to the Art Museum. That’s not right…

OK, so the last one just kind of wanted to gripe. And isn’t that what being a Philadelphian is all about?